Magento Mobile App For ecommerce: Create m-commerce Application with Magento Backend

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Posted by Shaveta on August 30, 2017


Are you running a huge eCommerce portal? If yes, chances are it would be running on Magento as magento supports huge eCommerce stores with lots of data. A magento store can scale to huge number of products and large number of customers. We have dealt with magento stores with around 50,000 products, with multiple currency and multiple storefronts based on that we can say, it is challenging but it can be done!

One drawback of Magento is that it does not provide a RESTful API for frontend because of which developing a native mobile application for Magento is a challenge. We developed a RESTful API for magento which can be used to create native applications for Magneto platform. 

Here are some features which our off-the-shelf app offers

1) Native iOS and Android apps: A high performing app as it is build using native interfaces. Customers will find it easy to swipe and click around to find what they want. Using our superfast checkout with auto fillings, buying takes just a few minutes.

2) Push Notifications: Push notifications to alert users of any flash sale on the site or any specific recommendations relevant for particular user.

3) Smooth User Interface: Optimized user interface to the extent that it minimizes the number of clicks needed to complete the checkout process. The lesser the friction the better chances of conversion.

4) Layered Navigation: Layered Navigation is one of the most powerful feature of Magento application, what's a mobile app where you cannot leverage this in-built feature. Our mobile app allows you to use layered navigation just the way it was designed to be used.

5) Social Login: The application allows quick signup using social profiles.

6) Payment Gateway: Multiple payment gateways are integrated by default and we keep adding new ones at no additional cost.

7) Additional features: Below are some of the custom features that the mobile app 

  •     Social Media Integration
  •     Custom Shipping integration
  •     Reviews/Rating
  •     Referral point system
  •     Rewards Management
  •     Order Tracking
  •     Product Listing and Details
  •     Shopping Cart

8) Technical Support: We believe in problem solving and with that vision we provide quick and effective technical support.

9) Competitive Pricing: We do not guarantee lowest price, however, what we do guarantee is you will get best bang for the buck. We provide you awesome quality and super service at reasonable price.

10) Fully Customizable: It's a feature packed application but if something is missing we should be able to add the same for you. Also it includes completely custom branding which is not limited to just your logo and colours.

@CodeFire Advantage:

1. Configurable APIs: As we have developed RESTful APIs for magento, we can easily configure the same your web store.

2. Magento experts: If you are working with us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with people who solve problems. If there is no existing way to solve the problem, we will create one!

3. Technical Support: We believe in problem solving and with that vision we provide quick and effective technical support

Do let us know if you are looking for Magento Web/ Mobile Application or extending current site, we will be glad to assist and offer our services. To learn more about the must have customization in your Magento store, please check another blog http://bit.ly/MagentoCustomization 

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