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D6 Methodology

With extensive experience of working with Startups one thing we have realized is that everything about the project changes. Some things change quickly and some take time. Also, founders are in a hurry to get a their hands on the delivery for each phase.

Based on this experience, CodeFire Technologies designed a custom development methodology based on Agile development processes for the project management and execution. We call it the D6 Development Methodology. We divide the complete project into multiple 2 to 4 week sprint cycle. The duration of the sprint cycle varies from project to project. And for each sprint we follow the D6 methodology.



D6 Methodology is defined as combination of following steps within a sprint Define, Design, Develop, Dissect, Demo, Discover.



    Define is the Requirement definition step, where our Project coordinator, discusses the requirement with the client interface and decides on the function items that need to be covered in the current sprint. The result of this step is requirement traceabil



    Design is the step where UI design, wire framing and DB application architecture design are carried out. This only focusses on the items that are included on the current sprint.

  • Develop

    Development is carried out for the requirements of the current sprint and along side the test cases are written for the current sprint. If the current sprint is going to modify some existing functionality, then test cases impacting older functionality are

  • Dissect

    This is where completed modules are tested thoroughly. Dissecting the application and testing all individual components and and integration as well.



    Demo: The end product of the sprint is Demoed to the client on our test server. Since in most cases our clients are remotely located, hence the Project coordinator walks the client through the development on web meeting.



    Based on the demo and updated tasklist, Client and Project Coordinator decide on the next action items. Pending items from the current sprint added to the backlog and things that client may want to get modified from the current sprint are noted and added

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