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Posted by Nihar on July 27, 2017


What we intended to do

Business flourishes with customers - a happy customer will also a source of the business in both repeated as well as new business as the pleased customer spread good words about the product and services, so it is vital for the organization to keep their customer happy by building good relationship through sales & marketing or call center team. It becomes quite a task for organization with a huge clientele keep track of the client details, communications with them, follow ups, schedules of calls and meetings, tasks, quotes etc., the solution to this is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. A CRM software aggregate Customers information in one place to give easy access to business where team members can perform operations on the Customers' data as per the requirements and roles assigned to them.

Every organization needs a way to manage their customer related information. So, what options are available; either they pick up any off the shelf CRMs such as SuiteCRM, ZOHO, EspoCRM, SalesForce CRM etc. which closely matchesto their business processesand tweak it meet their requirement or alternatively, depending on the size of organization, best way forward may be to custom develop CRM, which will effectively work for your organization.

CodeFire develops custom CRM as well as customizes off the shelf CRMs based on the business requirements. Below are a couple Case Studies of the CRM work we carried out.


Customize SuiteCRM for Insurance Sector

The requirement was to customize the Suite CRM for insurance domain. Using the CRM, they wanted to manage complete cycle starting from capturing leads from the website till the delivery of the Insurance policies to the customer. Any organization in Insurance sector has two major activities, Sales and servicing the customers, which are carried out by the sales and service team respectively.Sales team is involved in the generating leads to sales conversion whereas the service team ensures that the customer gets all the necessary services and delivery of the insurance.

To achieve the above, we selected SuitCRM and customized to fit to the requirement of the client. Following are some of the customization was carried out:

1. Defining User Level Permissions in SuiteCRM

Suite CRM can handle any organization structure. As required by our client to have hierarchical relationship where in the user at the top level will have the access of the user below his hierarchy and moreover to access the proceeding of the user only aligned with this user. We customized the role and permission for different level of users to achieve the same

A. Create and Setup Roles:

  1. We created roles as Manager, Team Leader and Service Executive and established necessary access rights for each of the user type
  2. Created users for Manager, Team Leader and Service Executive with separate roles.
  3. As we have already created hierarchical relationship between different user types.

B. The outcome

  1. Sales Manager would be able to see all the leads in the system
  2. Sales Manager can create and assign lead to any of the TL and Sales Exec under him.
  3. A lead created by Sales Manager would be visible only to the assigned members
  4. TL would be able to create and assign Lead to any Sales Executive under him.
  5. Sales Executive would be able to see only those leads which are assigned to him.

2. Configure Studio Module

SuitCRM provides powerful Studio with the flexibility to configure different option as per the requirements of the specific customer. By using the configuration option of the Studio module we could:

  1. Change the labels of the form and other places
  2. Added more fields as required and provided data type, name of the field, display name and click Save etc.
  3. Added and edited relationship among module on the fly by selecting the Type of Relationship (one to one, one to many or many to many) and by selecting the Related Modules.
  4. Able to configure the layouts of Forms
  5. Quick Filter and Advanced Filter fields i.e., based on which fields data should get filtered can be easily configured

3. Configure Lead Conversion Property

A Lead can be converted to an Account, Contact or/and an Opportunity. But, once the Lead is converted to an Account, Contact, Opportunity, it cannot be converted back to Lead again, but as the requirement of the client. We did necessary configuration to provide the provision to convert the "already converted lead" to normal lead

4. Configure Module Menu

Different user of a CRM system requires different dashboard and their respective menu. Using the SuitCRM, we configured menu system for each user type of the different level of users.

5. Configure Module Menu

We developed a complex custom workflowfor our client as that was one of the requirement in the project in the SuitCRM to fit the business need of the customer.

Besides, SuitCRM provides facility for locale settings like Time Zone, Date and Time Format, Currency to be used, the first day of the week etc.

Custom develop the CRM


As desired by a client, we built acustom CRM. Every CRM has certain core features such as Leads, Accounts, Contact, Opportunity, Quotes and creating the workflow. Following picture depict the workflow of the custom developed CRM:

Here is a brief explanation of the each of the module:

  1. Leads: Leads contain partial information (Name, Email, Address and Phone No.) of customers. A lead represents an individual of interest to your qualification and selling efforts. All the leads are captured into the system and on the basis of the leads rest all actions of the CRM carried out.
  2. Contacts are representations of individuals you have done or will likely do business with. Contacts, are directly associated to an account. Contacts are individual's personal Contacts and Accounts: information and company where the individual works (Account). The account is the organization where you are having the business or you expect you generate some businesses. Contacts and Accounts allows, manage the details of the contacts and accounts and associate leads to them.
  3. Opportunity: When any contact or account is providing some business lead. These opportunities are managed in the system to convert them into actual business
  4. Quotes: Quotes are specific group of products or services with their quantities and prices that you quote to customers.Any opportunity of an account provides In the quotes (Name, Account, opportunity, status, Amount, Date, quote No) are required. Here is detail as well in which (Billing address, shipping address, Billing Contact and shipping Contact, tax and shipping provider) are required.
  5. Product: A product is the item offered for sale. A product can be a service or an item. Product items can be used with Quotes.Each Product record can belong to some Product Category.
  6. Roles Management: Role management allows the system to provide restricted access of the users of CRM, which ensure the appropriate flow of information in the CRM to the various levels of the user.

Hope this topic provides an indication of how a CRM can be customized and a CRM custom developed as the requirement of the client. Considering the demand, we@CodeFire are well equipped with the capability of both customizing an off the shelf CRM or custom develop as per the requirement of the client.

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