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This is a weekend project that started with a desire to integrate some AI bots with WhatsApp chat. After a couple weeks and a few phone numbers banned by WhatsApp we realised that we were fighting a lost battle. The game was theirs, they were setting and changing the rules and we were just wasting our time. After the realisation, we reduced the scope of the project to just make WhatsApp data available on web and searchable (Yes!! this project took shape when WhatsApp did not have search feature). Anyways, we still find it useful and are making this available to users all across the web.

Some features of the app:

  • Easily search WhatsApp data
  • Even if some member added later on, he can still access all data
  • Hassle free viewing
  • View all images / contacts shared on chat
  • Mobile numbers kept confidential

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Projects Implemented


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Happy Clients




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Years of awesomeness


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