CF Block Country Pro

The cfBlockCountryPro is a Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 plugin that can be used to block IP address from certain countries. For example if you want to block access of the site from any IP in United States you can use this plugin.

Important Features of CFBlockCountry-PRO:

  • Option to select countries from a list of countries to allow/block access of your site from these countries.
  • It gives you option to block website as well as admin interface.
  • Either block the complete website or selected pages on the website.
  • Allow access to selected IPs, IP ranges in the blocked countries.
  • Plugin gives you options to
    1. Use local free IP DB from maxmind.
    2. Use Maxmind's IP service (you need to pay for this to buy the service from Maxmind)
    3. Use our remote server option, this should only be used for testing as this is not performance optimized and not suitable for production server.
  • Option to either show a message or CAPTCHA based access or redirect to some other site for the blocked IPs.
  • Option to allow/block access of the website via proxy. This is based on Maxmind's proxy detection web service (, you need to buy API key from Max mind to use this option.
  • Allow access to search engines even if the IP address for search engine country is blocked.
  • A Component
    1. that allows you to view the list of IP addresses blocked from accessing the website.
    2. It also plots the ip addresses on the map to show you how many attempts were made from different blocked locations.


USD 0 (free)


USD 8 - USD 12

Block Countries based on ip
Optional admin interface blocking
Option to block selected pages on the website
Select IP /IP ranges to blocked/unblock.
Proxy blocking
Allow access to search engines even if the IP address for search engine country is blocked.
View blocked IP list or Map

Additional benefits of Paid plugin

  • You will get email based support in 24 working hours.
  • You are entitled to free Upgrades for next 6 months from date of purchase.
  • We have many great features coming soon. Once we receive your payment, we shall send you an email with instructions to download and install the plugin. To know more about our Joomla offering click here

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